Saturday, 21 March 2009

Future of the clann

Later this year this blog will put up topics for discussion in association with information that will be added to The McAuliffe Site. This will be material related to matters to be discussed by a committee initiated at the clann rally in July 2008 and which will be convened later this year. 

The committee will be looking at coming up with recommendations for the future of the clann, including whether or not there should be a formal structure for the clann. The work of the committee will be helped by knowing what McAuliffes want. With that in mind, relevant information will be added to the web page and it is hoped that this blog and the Discussion Forum can be a means by which McAuliffes around the world can have a say.  There is, of course, no reason why people with views on what they would like for the clann can not have a say already by contibuting now to either of these forums.